Pragmatic Ideas to Recognise The Employees of Your Organisation

Employee recognition is compulsory in every workplace as they play a critical role in employee satisfaction. If they are happy and satisfied, then they will surely benefit the companies in many ways. But it is definite to provide critical, meaningful recognition to your employees whenever it matters.

ncorporating some creative ideas for recognizing their efforts, you need to think out of the box and engage employees anonymous with a variety of recognition tools.

Let’s check five types of employee recognition tactics that can benefit your organization –

Introduce prize tokens, tickets, luxury vacations or recognition tees

Having different types of appreciation gifts in the form of booking some luxury vacation tickets for your top three employees once in a year is a grand gesture. But going through this extra mile needs a budget, so one has to plan accordingly. While some companies may even provide tickets for an exclusive event of a concert or a sports game, any reward is itself a token of appreciation.

Companies can choose to give monthly awards in the form of gym or spa membership and gift cards for any brand. Click here to learn several giveaways as a part of your employee recognition program. Creating and distributing some different T-shirt designs with teammates sign and a complimentary thank you message from the company encourages them to strive harder for their company.

Give your employees recognition on the social media platform.

With recognizing your hardworking employees, you need to acknowledge their efforts and take the opportunity to applause them on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Share their achievements, highlight their roles, and make them feel how proud you are, as this will motivate them to expand their commitments.

Employees will share this post with their followers, thus making them automatically brand ambassadors for their company. This culture will also boost your brand value as people will watch your gestures towards your employees. Additionally, it will represent your organization more positively on a world platform.

Recognize employees with a monthly based rotating trophy

Adopting a unique way, like a rotating trophy to appreciate and recognize your best employees is an excellent creative initiative. Filled with fun and motivating stuff, this trophy can be awarded to the best employee, exemplifying with organization values. This trophy will be with the employee for one month, and there will also be an attached note to it mentioning the work displayed by that employee to earn it.

This trophy will motivate every employee in the workforce to strive and win it. In the following month, the next person who delivers the best performance will be awarded the trophy. The monthly target and award will rouse competitive spirit among the staff, ensuring a fun-filled atmosphere in the organization.

Offering skill development opportunities

Encouraging your employees in developing their professional skills is also the best thing a leader can provide. It is a grand gesture to support their development as it automatically results in getting your employees more engaged in their job work. Always encourage them in identifying their strengths and imparting special projects for work. Showcasing a trust factor will make your employees confident and ready to take on more responsibility than before.

Create an employee wall of fame or an Employee Appreciation Day

Highlighting the accomplishments of your employees is a great way to acknowledge their efforts. It can be in the form of an employee wall of fame, or you can choose one day in a year to celebrate employee day. Inhibiting such culture is one form of showcasing gratitude towards their generous service to your organization. Dedicating a day every month to acknowledge employees is surely the way to go. Such wellness activities highlight your long-term employees with individual awards.

So, recognition kinds do not matter, but they need to be cherished by all employees. Let employees know what they’re being recognized or appreciated for and their importance in your organization.