Six Marketing Tips for Construction Companies

Running a construction company can be one of the highest return of investment ventures you can start in 2020. People are flipping houses, looking for new places to invest and not to mention the craze that is home remodeling.

Truth is, starting a construction venture is a pretty lucrative business opportunity. But we shouldn’t forget that marketing that business is still super important. So, we sat down for a quick chat with Smiths Hire and we spoke about the best ROI marketing techniques for new and existing building companies.

Join an association.

Networking will most likely have the biggest impact on your business when it comes to building a valuable relationship that can help you grow your business.

Almost everything in this niche is built on relationships, so joining an association is one of the best ways to market your construction business and build relationships that can be profitable in the future.

And building on the association thing, don’t forget to…

Be active in your community.

Being active in your local community can be a great local marketing technique and can offer you a way how to find construction jobs surprisingly easily. As we mentioned above, one of the most important things in the construction niche is the relationships that you build. That’s why having a good relationship with the people from your city can open you many doors to new opportunities.

On top of that, being apart of the community builds trust, and as all marketers know, trust is what will keep clients coming again and again. That’s how you ensure to have clients who use your services again and again.

But make sure you’re easily found online as well.

We’re in 2020. You can’t let your online presence slip and all businesses that are serious about their growth can be easily found online.

Why? Well, people are constantly googling, new people are always coming to your city and most likely they aren’t familiar with your company.

Being present on Google MyBusiness, Facebook and websites like Trustpilot can be a great source of leads.

And always try to resolve negative reviews.

A whopping 76% of people trust online reviews. Most of the time this is one of the first points of contact that your customer will have with you and that’s why it’s so important to try and resolve problems when your customers leave a not-so-pleasing review.

Remember that in the long term it’s always better and cheaper to go above and beyond to solve the bad reviews than to leave them with no response.

And you can utilize visual content to show off your work.

It’s great for raising awareness and having visual proof of your expertise. Posting on your Instagram and Facebook pages with photos of previous work you’ve done is a sure way to ensure that people can see what you’ve done in the past and decide if you’d be a good fit for their project.

Bonus tip: Utilize directories

Directories are a great way to gain some exposure for your business and the services you provide. The best thing is that it’s cheaper for you to list in multiple directories than it is to invest in a website.

Not that a website isn’t a great investment, but it can be expensive to make the website rank and listing in a directory will take care of most of that.

However you decide to tackle the marketing campaigns for your construction business keep in mind that it all boils down to building relationships and providing the best work you possibly can. With that said, those two will ensure that word-of-mouth will carry your brand and help you grow your business.