The Real Estate Industry Embraces Technology Amid COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown our lives into such disarray, we’re still trying to navigate all of the unique challenges it’s presented us. People who are hoping for a speedy home sale are picking a real estate agent that goes above and beyond the status quo in terms of conducting business. 

Real estate agents across the country have turned to various technologies to give their clients a complete experience while adhering to safety guidelines. Their methods are working because according to top agent insights, it’s a seller’s market almost everywhere in the country! 

Here’s a look at the technologies agents are using to continue to do business. 

1. Virtual tours

Prior to the pandemic, people would go to a house and look around. They’d be able to open closets and cabinets, they could flush toilets, turn on spigots and flick on the lights. However, the pandemic has made sellers wary of having strangers poke around in their homes because they didn’t want to risk getting sick; rightfully so. 

Virtual tours can give the buyer a chance to look at a home without physically being there. Yes, they won’t be able to do the typical walkthrough, but it’s a jumping off point. If they’re interested in putting in an offer, that’s when they could schedule a walkthrough. 

2. Video conferencing

Much of buying or selling real estate is a face to face transaction. You’d meet around a table to discuss your goals and what you’re hoping to achieve with the sale. Now, that’s not really feasible because of social distancing guidelines. Instead of in person meetings, agents are having video conferencing calls with clients. It may not be as personal, but it does the trick. 

3. eSignatures

If you’ve taken part in a real estate transaction, you know there are a lot of documents that need to be signed. So much so, you might feel like your hand is going to stay in that pen-holding position for life! Since social distancing protocols have been in place, programs like DocuSign and DotLoop have become a major player in getting things signed. Agents and clients can review documents online, digitally sign them, and return them all within minutes!

4. Digital floor plans and staging

Agents aren’t just using 3D tours and virtual showings to sell houses – they’re using digital staging and floor plans to give the buyer a complete experience. Savvy real estate agents can use the staging program to give their clients an idea of how their stuff will fit inside the home. They can enter the dimensions for furniture, sample decor items, and so much more! If the client wants to see how the house would flow if they tore down a few walls, these programs could show them. It’s pretty awesome if you think about it!

Welcome to the new real estate experience

Even if you’ve bought and sold houses in the past, you’re going to have a completely new experience. It won’t be a hands-on, in-person process. Instead it’ll be a lot of phone calls, digital viewings, and closing may even be done virtually. As more people get vaccinated, perhaps real estate will revert to it’s usual face to face interactions. But for now, these practices are going to be a regular occurrence. 

Don’t let that deter you from buying or selling a house though. Technology isn’t going anywhere and your real estate agent will help you as best as they can to make sure you find the house of your dreams or your house is sold quickly and for as much as possible!