Three Family-Friendly Christmas Experiences

The Christmas period, above all else, is a time to spend with your family. However big or small that may be (and however many generations it spans), it’s a time to sit back and relax with your nearest and dearest, exchanging gifts and affection and sharing food over a large table and the banquet that makes Christmas such a delicious occasion for all the family. In this guide, you’ll learn three more exciting Christmas experience you should look into bringing your family along to in 2019 in order to make your Yuletide that bit more special and memorable for all that you love.

Dog-Sledding and Sleigh Rides

Well, this one may sound like it’s right out of Lapland and the home of Santa himself, but you can actually enjoy both of these unforgettable experiences in the snowy regions of America around the Christmas period. It’s perhaps the most exciting way to spend some time in the snow before you and your family tear open the presents on Christmas Day.

With your children marveling at how reindeers can pull a sleigh or at how huskies can tug a sled along, this is something that they’ll be unable to contain their excitement while experiencing. It may be a little expensive, and, indeed, you may have to travel far to find this particular winter treat, but it’s perhaps that best Christmas experience out there. It’s one that’s sure to live long in your memories as the big day arrives.

Heading to a Show

While there’s plenty to be enjoyed on television around the Christmas period, none of that can match a live performance about the wonders of Christmas, featuring all of your favorite festive tracks and some exciting hymns and carols, too. This is something that the adults may enjoy more than the children, though, of course, there are family-friendly treats at shows, also.

Take a look at the offerings on to find the most exciting and thrilling performances in your area, and the themes that they will use to portray Christmas to you and your loved ones. Remember that Christmas is all about sharing and enjoying things together, and heading out for a show is a wonderful way to do just that with your family.

Shopping and Markets

Initially a German tradition, but one that’s quickly spread around the world, markets are an exciting component to any Christmas – and they’re a way to explore the sounds, smells and tastes of Christmas with your family without heading to some of the busiest malls and shopping districts in your area.

Instead, nestle in to your local Christmas market to find gingerbread treats, steaming hot winter warmers, all the Christmas decorations you could possibly imagine, and plenty of other themed spectacles to have your family buy and enjoy across the period in the run-up to the special day itself. These markets are dazzling for children especially, making it a great way to spend an evening before Christmas Day itself.

These three family-friendly options are exciting, nourishing, and memorable things you can do with your family over Christmas this year.