4 Exceptional Promotional Benefits of Laminated Paper Bags

Laminated paper bags provide a high-end appearance that most shoppers love, and that’s clearly good for your business. However, these bags also offer a strong range of promotional benefits that can help boost your business with every bag passed out.

Here are just four promotional benefits you’ll enjoy with laminated paper bags.

  1. Long-Lasting

Here’s the thing: if your promotional bag falls apart in just a few days, it’s really not living up to its potential. Laminated paper bags are water-resistant, very hard to tear, and able to hold up when carrying larger, heavier items over long distances. The person you give your next laminated paper bag to could be using it well into the future, and that’s ideal from a promotional point of view.

  1. Large Printing Area

Like regular paper bags, laminated paper bags have a large, flat area where you can print your message. Unlike regular paper bags, laminated bags won’t crease or bunch up, so that printed surface stays open and easy to read.

  1. Low Cost

Giving away printed bags is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. After all, you’ll be giving away bags to your customers anyway, and it only costs pennies more to have them printed. With the right snappy, engaging design, you can put together a great promotional item without breaking the bank. Better yet, laminated paper bags boast very short turnaround times, so you’ll be able to get them without a long wait.

  1. Eco-Friendly

It’s become increasingly important to make promotional efforts eco-friendly; even if that’s not something you care about yourself, your customers probably will. Laminated paper bags use few resources, and they can be recycled if treated correctly. Promotional bags should cast your business in a positive light, and that now means being eco-friendly as much as possible.