What are the future technological developments to consider in 2020

Technological developments within the last decade have been astronomical and if businesses or companies are still yet to adopt the digital trends that have formed over the years, they’ll be well behind their competitors as we head into the year 2020.

Understanding what technological developments are expected will allow businesses to prepare their strategies and bring in opportunity for their growth. With this in mind, it’s important to consider what technology will be imminent in the new year for businesses to grasp. Here are some trends for you to consider.

5G Data Networks

With more and more users relying heavily on their data to be connected with the rest of the world, the birth of 5G networks are expected to be a breakthrough next year. We’ll be able to download and upload at incredibly quick speed and have the benefit from more consistent connections wherever we are.

Whilst this won’t necessarily be useful for app developers in businesses, overall there should be an awareness by businesses the possibilities that super-fast internet access can bring, especially within the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart machinery.

Autonomous Driving

This has been an idea that has been played about with for some time with many well-renowned manufacturers producing prototypes and concepts of how they would introduce self-driving cars to the rest of the world. However, the excitement around the idea isn’t going to die down with more research being done to create these machines.

Autonomous driving technology has grown over the years but there will still be infrastructures that will need to be considered before autonomous cars become a reality. Laws, regulations and social attitudes towards the concept will need to be grounded in this perspective.

AI Servicing

It’s no secret that AI has been used in several business concepts and strategies as it takes the forefront in probably being the most influential technology of recent times. Companies in particular have been using AI technology to improve customer experience and make their processes more efficient. This trend will likely continue in 2020 too.

However, due to the expense of current AI technologies, service based technology is where it will remain. Businesses will still go through the process of providing the data to the systems before it automatically reads and understands it through the algorithms. There have already been companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft that have adopted this technology already so it’s likely to be an exciting year for Alexa developers as these technologies grow.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) is simply a term to describe emerging technologies that create an immersive experience for users. This includes augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies. There have been many examples of these technologies over the years with Oculus Rift Headsets, Pokemon GO and camera filters being just a few.

In 2020, we’ll likely see extended reality used as a training and simulation platform for businesses as they look to grow skill sets and retain top employees within their firm. From a customer point of view, interaction is key to engage more customers from an external location.