Why are so many supermarkets making the switch to paper bags?

It is hard to not notice the trend of increased paper bag adoption by supermarkets in recent years. Companies like Sainsbury’s and Asda have been quick on the take up to provide customers with reusable carrier bags and paper bags for their groceries. 

Morrison’s is the latest  of the industries big hitters to make the switch to paper bags; but what are the benefits of these products for business and consumers, keep reading to find out.

They are better for the environment

It goes without saying that reusable paper bags, as long as they are reused, are better for the environment than their plastic counterparts. This is due to the natural materials used in production and the reduced energy it takes to make the paper bags.  Additionally the environmental benefits of paper bags also are indicative of a more environmentally conscious brand, which leads us onto the second point.

They are fantastic for branding

Making the switch from all plastic to paper is arguably partly being used as a marketing ploy by supermarkets. Whilst this acts a short-term increase for the supermarkets, it also allows them to spread brand awareness through the increased visibility of their branding printed on the new paper bags.

As well as being a good vehicle to deliver branding paper bags also give supermarkets that adopt them a more environmentally conscious appearance. This is great as most modern day consumers would rather shop at and buy from sustainable companies that appear to be taking steps towards helping the environment.

Other Supermarkets are making the Switch

This may be a fairly simplistic point but as the supermarket industry is so intertwined it often leads to them matching each other in a way that competitors from another industry never would. This is what often leads to price wars and in this case, the increased adoption of paper bags.

Of the major chains Morrison’s is the most recent company to make the switch to entirely paper bags. They have also become the first company to ban fruit wrapped plastic in an attempt to reduce their waste and help the environment.

Environmental Pressure from the Public and the Environment

The increasingly strict environmental legislation seen in the UK is causing companies to have to rethink their strategy. The policies are coupled with a heightened public concern of the environment and climate change. Both these are compelling reasons for supermarkets to make the switch to paper bags.

Reap the Benefits of Paper Bag Adoption at Your Company

There is a reason many supermarkets have decided to make the switch to paper bags; they are better for the environment, better for you branding and offer a better customer service experience.

If you are a retailer looking to step up their packaging game, make sure you get in touch with a paper bag supplier that deliver quality products to ensure you get the maximum benefit for your business.