Why people prefer online slots to brick and mortar casinos

Since the launch of online casinos, both the growth and popularity of the online gambling industry has soared and in 2020 there are now thousands of online casinos where players can go to play slots. Each year, more people have access to technology and the Internet and with the growth of the Internet comes the growth of online gambling and the growth of the industry and the popularity is showing no signs of slowing down and is expected to continue to skyrocket.  

But what about land-based casinos? Some might presume that with the increased popularity of online casinos there would be a fall in the popularity of land-based casinos. But it’s not as simple and straight forward at that as the gambling industry as a whole continues to experience growth and land-based casinos are still growing in popularity and diversifying to appeal to wider audiences. However, despite a lot of players still enjoying brick and mortar casinos, here is why the majority of slot lovers prefer to play in online casinos. 

Currency flexibility 

Unlike in brick and mortar casinos, online casinos offer players the flexibility to use multiple currencies so you can play in a currency of your choice. For example, two users can play the same slot game if they are from two different countries with two currencies, like Spanish nationals can play using the Euro whilst Americans can play the same game using USD. This makes it more convenient for players so they don’t need to convert foreign currency and helps players to have a better understanding of the amount they are gambling.  

Playing with real money  

Many players have said that playing with real currency rather than plastic casino chips helps them to be more aware that they are spending cold hard cash and therefore helps them to gamble more responsibly.  

No dress code 

Whether you want to play online slots sat in your fluffy pink dressing gown, in your boxer shorts, or in nothing at all, there is no dress code for your own living room! Unlike land-based casinos which often have dress according to a set dress code, whether that be no trainers, smart casual or even formal attire, with online casinos you can play wherever you most feel comfortable and in privacy so no dress code applies (unless you want it to!) This once again makes it more comfortable and convenient for players.  

No forking out for food and drinks  

Going to a brick and mortar casino can be extremely exciting and for big social occasions like hen parties, stag do’s and big birthdays they can be an excellent experience, but the night can come with a hefty price tag. Stag and hen parties don’t come cheap these days and by the time you add up the cost of taxis, food, drinks, outfits and everything else, you’ll find you have significantly less money to spend while you’re at the casino. Food and drink alone can be expensive even if you are just on a casual visit to the casino, which is why a lot slot players who just want to casually enjoy their favourite slot games much prefer playing online where they can save their money for betting.