Why Should Your Shop Offer Branded Tote Bags?

You should already be providing bags for your customers – the basic plastic or paper bag isn’t really an option. However, you might also want to think about offering a few further options for your customers to pick up when they need something more substantial, and tote bags are a great option.

Here are just a few reasons why you should order them.

Added Income

Okay, the money you make selling branded tote bags is never going to set you up for early retirement, but you can at least make your money back on the original order and bring in a nice tidy sum to boot. Better yet, customers often see tote bags as more of a convenience than an expense, so they won’t generally mind paying a few pounds for a new one. In fact, tote bags are often instantly useful when your customers have plenty to carry, making them an easy sell.

Effective Marketing

Branded tote bags would be well worth the cost even if you didn’t charge customers a penny for them. When you brand a bag, you print it with your business name and colours – you can even print specific deals during certain times of year. As people continue to carry that tote bag around, they’ll be advertising your business to everyone who passes them by. Tote bags are particularly great for branding since they are large and flat, providing the perfect canvas for vibrant colours and eye-grabbing text.


It’s always a good idea to keep the eco-friendliness of your packaging options in mind, and tote bags are very good for the environment. They can be made from natural materials like cotton, canvas, or jute, and they can be used for years without ever showing signs of wear. Once they do start to come apart, they can be easily recycled.