Why You Should Partner with a TikTok Advertising Agency

The COVID-19 pandemic is far and away the most topical aspect of 2020, though just below the world-changing crisis has emerged a challenger to the massively addicting social media scene. TikTok, the Chinese-developed video sharing application, has taken social media by storm and is the fastest growing social media in history.  Brands looking to take advantage of this popular and burgeoning media platform should consider hiring a TikTok advertising agency.

Whether you are a fan of the silly dances or humorous sketch comedy that make up the bulk of TikTok’s video database or not, there is no doubting the social media’s impressive reach and cultural impact. With upwards of 800 million daily active users and the ability to have your content be discovered and viewed by users worldwide, investing in a TikTok advertising agency can be your ticket to unprecedented growth in brand recognition and equity. 

If you are considering working with an agency, here are a few ways they can help your brand make the most of the platform.

Staying Relevant

One of the many perils that marketers can fall victim to is the failure to stay relevant. This can be difficult in a social media culture where trends emerge, evolve, and die in a matter of weeks, making it beneficial to have a professional agency’s expertise at your disposal. Agencies will have experts on staff to help design dynamic videos or advertisements that fall in line with the latest and most trafficked trends and will have the operations staff to create the videos in a timely manner. Being late to a trend can adversely affect brand value.

Keep it Lite

TikTok is a fun and carefree platform designed to capture the audience’s attention, making it imperative for marketers to keep their content lite and fun. Most social media is an escape from reality, for better or for worse, and TikTok epitomizes this kind of virtual playground. TikTok advertising agencies will advise on the mood and tone of your videos or advertisements to make sure they align with your audience’s expectations. 

Viral Challenges

Challenges have been an excellent way for content to go viral, as highlighted by the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research in the mid-2010s. TikTok has seen the viral challenge trend explode, and brands can really hit a homerun if they can create a challenge that goes viral. There is a lot of analysis that goes into designing a challenge that is catchy yet difficult, so your best bet is to work with the pros to get the ingredients right.

Influencer Campaigns

A more hands-off approach to TikTok advertising is working with an established influencer. With a pre-existing network at your disposal, you can tailor product placement or paid promotion to fit within an influencers base. Having an agency at your disposal to work with the influencer and that team will take most of the heavy work on your plate.


The final way a TikTok advertising agency can benefit you is, of course, with actual advertisements on the platform. Creating advertisements on a platform built for rapid-fire video consumption requires a deep understanding of the right stimuli to keep eyes on your ads and get users to perform your intended action.