10 Simple Ways To Build Trust In Your Brand Online

Customer loyalty is increasingly becoming less of a priority for companies. With all kinds of services and unlimited range of products available online, it becomes easy to find companies to satisfy pretty much any demand.

Nevertheless, building trust in your brand means customers may not only choose to come back to your company next time, but to spread the good word to their friends and family. Keeping up your reputation online can have a great impact on your business, since online marketplace functions primarily on referrals and reviews. So, how do you make your brand appear more trustworthy for customers online? Here are some simple steps to follow.

  1. Communication is key

The companies that have the “100% response rate on Facebook” or, even better, a small note that states the company “typically replies within an hour” will make you stand out. When the new customers are looking for a service or a product, there is nothing more annoying than having to wait for a simple response for more than a day. Never leave customer support to the last minute, and try to be in touch as much as you can.

  1. Share more than just business

A simple tactic to gain the trust of your online followers is to be relatable. Remind the customer that your brand is not only a cold money-making machine, but also a team of creative, friendly and, most importantly, real people.

One way to do it might be to post some pictures of your team on Instagram. If you worked hard on your professional Instagram concept and feel that the personal images might affect its consistency – use Instagram stories! Stories are an easy way to share everyday moments from your office with your followers. Let the customer know that behind the sales and business there is a bunch of people who work hard and love what they do.

  1. Be consistent

Building trust is about consistency. Today’s marketplace of services allows customers an infinite list of possibilities, which makes it so much harder for the businesses to preserve their clientele. Hence, show the customers you are reliable – through timely online communication, good reviews, and steady social media posting. If you have the resources, do not hesitate to spend more on Facebook bots to ensure great response rates, or find the top social media marketing managers to keep up your online presence.

  1. Be honest about the product

Don’t try to do the impossible. Acknowledge your limitations and let people know what you can do and what is it that is out of your range. For instance, if you sell food supplements, make sure to state which health conditions these may be unsuitable for. Honesty will save the time for both you and your customer.

  1. Explain the benefits

Regardless of the product or service you are selling, the most important thing a client needs is the reason to buy it. Tell people not only how good the product is, but what value it brings to them specifically. Post entertaining content, ask rhetorical questions, and demonstrate how your brand can make your customer’s life better.

  1. Don’t forget about presentation

To build trust in your brand, dedicate the time and resources to ensure the best presentation of the product online. The images you share on your social media will determine customers’ first impressions, which might affect their trust in your brand in the long-term. If a company is unable to present its product in an attractive light, no customer will ever consider buying it, regardless of the benefits. To sell the product, you have to make it look beautiful, no matter what you are selling – bespoke flower bouquets, tool boxes, or event planning.

  1. Give proof

Don’t be shy to share positive reviews! If people liked your product or service, share the results on social media. Instagram or Twitter may be the best formats to do so: retweet or repost positive mentions of your company and share pictures of happy customers. You can even post a screenshot of a positive review to your Instagram story with a short ‘thank you’ comment.

If you feel there are not enough social media mentions of your business, ask your clients for feedback or permission to share their pictures with your product on social media. Some will surely say yes, which may also be a great way to build a better relationship with a client by showing them you value their opinion.

  1. Be on the same level with the customer

It is important to choose the right tone when building the image of your brand on social media. Make sure your style of communication is friendly and honest, and that you are easy to approach. On the contrary, consider avoiding excessive flattery, sensationalist language, and too many emojis. Customers might find these ingenuine and even assume you are trying to conceal gaps in your business this way.

  1. Embrace feedback and address mistakes

Do not try to delete or hide negative reviews. A negative review is the opportunity to improve your business and show your ability to deal with errors. If possible, reply to the negative comment publically, taking responsibility and suggesting ways to fix the mistake. Remember always to keep a positive tone and make an extra effort by offering a discount, a free replacement, or an additional service. It might seem like a waste of resources in the short term, but keeping one customer satisfied may go a long way.

  1. Make life easy for the customer

Nothing is more attractive than simplicity. Try to simplify payment procedures, promote your best offers online, remind of your events, and share the news. Suggest several ways to reach you: some customers will prefer speaking on the phone, some will email you, and some will send a Facebook message. Make sure you are there to communicate in any way convenient to them.

These are the ten simple ways to make your brand more trustworthy online. Remember to stay true to yourself, be honest with your customers, and dedicated your time to being there for them. The rest will follow!