3 Tips To Help You Figure Out What To Wear At Work

While knowing what to wear to work isn’t always easy, many people who are starting new jobs or are now working from home might have an even harder time trying to figure out what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

If this is an issue that you’ve been wrestling with in your job, here are three tips to help you figure out what to wear to work. 

Understand Your Target Demographic

One thing you can think about that can help you to know what will be appropriate for you to wear to work and what might not be appropriate is to learn more about your target demographic, since you’ll want to meet their expectations.

Generally, people think about company culture when deciding what to wear to work. But if you don’t know the company culture yet or are working remotely, you might not have enough information on company culture to form an opinion. But if you know what company you’re working for and what the target demographic is for that company, you may be able to better understand what they’d expect you to wear. 

For example, if you’re working for a company that is in the outdoor industry or has a primarily conservative customer base, you may be able to wear more casual clothing or clothing that promotes things like the ownership of firearms. But if you are working in a more professional environment, these types of clothing might not be appropriate for work hours. 

Dress Like You’re Going Out To Eat

For many workplaces, dressing in business-casual attire is ideal. However, knowing exactly what falls into this category can be a little confusing.

To help you feel more comfortable with the label of business-casual, try to think about what you’d wear if you were going to a restaurant with some close friends. Since you’re going to be going out, you likely will dress up a little more than if you were just eating at home. But since you’re with your friend, you won’t need to dress too terribly fancy. 

When In Doubt, Ask HR

While you might feel like you have a food grip on what you should be wearing as far as your clothing choices go, there are other things about dress and appearance that might be in a little more of a gray area.

Especially for things like tattoos or piercings, you may want to talk to HR about what is appropriate and what isn’t before you start your job. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re following any dress code for your company while also keeping yourself, your coworkers, and your customers or clients comfortable. 

If you’re questioning what you should wear to work or how you should dress and present yourself, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you figure this out.