5 Compelling Reasons to Arrange an IT System Audit

An audit is generally something people want to avoid, but having an IT system audit can be hugely beneficial. Essentially, an IT audit involves having your entire IT network evaluated by a professional. You’ll need to set aside a little time, but there are several important reasons to arrange one.

Here are just five ways an IT audit can help.

  1. Checks for Vulnerabilities

One of the most important reasons to have an IT audit is to test out your security. In many ways, an audit team will act just like a hacker would – they’ll put your security through its paces to learn if and how things can be tightened up. It might sound slightly scary, but this means you’ll understand whether the system suffers from any vulnerabilities. Once known, those vulnerabilities can be addressed.

  1. Evaluates Efficiency

You might assume your IT network is running fine, so why bother going through the inconvenience of an IT audit? Firstly, IT audits aren’t as disruptive as most people imagine. Secondly, an audit can access the efficiency of your system. It could be that time and money is being lost because your IT network hasn’t been set up as well as it should have been.

  1. Keeps Data Protected

Cracking down on security vulnerabilities is only one of the ways an audit will prevent data loss. Your IT professionals will also check on all your backup procedures to make sure data is being backed up properly and regularly.

  1. Evaluates Controls

Adhering to relevant rules and policies. Making sure all disclosures are accurate. These are just some of the vital controls you will need to have in place. An IT audit will identify and evaluate those controls using different frameworks.

  1. Reduces Costs

Finally, an IT system audit should help cut down your monthly costs. It could be that you’re using services you no longer require, or that you have multiple licenses for multiple products that could be combined more effectively for a lower overall price. You’ll also be able to plan growth more effectively if you understand the capabilities of your IT network.