Growing Your Business: 7 Distinct Advantages of Online Marketing Campaigns

For the last several years, online marketing has become more cost-effective, all-inclusive, and much more comfortable for businesses to handle, and more than one-third of CMOs believe that digital marketing will account for 75 percent of businesses marketing spend over the next five years, according to AdWeek. These advantages have enabled businesses to do a lot more specialized work with just a click of a mouse, which provides both small and medium-sized businesses with significant opportunities to enhance their sales. Here are seven distinct advantages of online marketing campaigns.

Broader Reach

With Internet marketing, you can overcome the barriers of distance when it comes to selling to your target audience. With a robust online marketing campaign, you can sell your products in any part of the world without having to set up a local outlet, which in turns allows you to widen your target market.

24/7 Brand Optimization

To ensure customer loyalty, you have to be able to buildup and keep up constructive brand awareness. Having an active online presence is one of the most vital marketing tools your business can have. Keeping your site updated with engaging content allow your marketing campaign to run 24/7 with efficiency.

Cost Effective

To don’t need much, if any, capital to start a successful digital marketing campaign. You can start with promoting your blog, web-based social networking, and email marketing campaigns, which have little to no upfront costs, but significant returns on investment. You can list your business for free on Google Local and save money with pay-per-click advertising, according to the site SMARTT.

Get Personal with Your Customers

You can better personalize your offers to your customers by building a purchase history, profile, and preferences. Online marketing allows you to track the web pages and product information that consumers visit and create a targeted offer that reflects their interests. The information that you gather on your customers can also be used to plan cross-selling campaigns as a way to increase the value of sales by customer.

Build Relationships

The Internet has become an essential platform for businesses to build relationships with their customers and in turn increase customer retention levels. After a customer has purchased from you online, you can begin to build a relationship with them by sending follow-up emails to thank the customer. Emailing customers with exclusive, personalized offers will help to maintain the relationship.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Marketing on the Internet allows you to take advantage of the growing importance of social media. A recent study showed the link between social networking and online revenue growth. You can advantage of this influence by creating engaging presentation and marketing materials and select from thousands of free images for your presentation and incorporate this into your online marketing campaign.


When you develop an online marketing campaign, you can be open for business around the clock. Offering online access to your business isn’t only convenient for you but your potential customers as well. More and more customers are relying on the Internet for everything from shopping to entertainment, and your potential customers will appreciate the convenience of shopping with you at their leisure.

Today, consumers are more interested in purchasing products and services online, and as a result, more and more companies are turning to online marketing campaigns to spread awareness about their brand.