7 Side Hustles Ideas to Start your Own Business

When you’re thinking about starting a side-hustle, think about something you already enjoy or have some knowledge in. It should be something that your customers will see value in, good marketing is a must for you to succeed. You can use these free rental templates to renegotiate a large chunk of your client’s expenditure.

A second stream of income is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your financial situation. During times like these, even if you won’t make lots of money right away it is important to start looking for side-hustle opportunities immediately. 

There are many tools you can use to find and build your target audience, however it can be difficult to decide what product or service to sell. Below are 9 great ideas for you to start making money immediately. 

  • Join an Affiliate program

You have a product that you really like? Find out if they have an affiliate program, and you can start making money right away. This is a really nice low risk way to get some extra money. 
A great example of this is sendfox, they are offering $10 for every customer referral.

This is a great way to make money for you and for the business making you both happy. 

  • Help an offline business go online

A lot of shops are still closed and it’s been over a month. You can help them and yourself by putting their stuff online to sell. There are many free platforms to sell and this is an easy opportunity to make some money as well as help out a business near you. 

You can sell almost any product online, it could be products from a retail store, services that a business provides or even food products from a shop or restaurant. The choices are endless so get on your hustle today. 

  • Create instructional videos

You have a skill that people want to learn? Create some videos on youtube or your preferred platform, so you can start building your audience. You can turn on monetization and start making money immediately through ads. 

Think about what unique skill you have and try to help people learn how they can use it, there are many examples as they are literally thousands of things you can teach online, here is one

Fantastic Media provides the most recent strategies and tactics to meet your business goals, they have simple interesting videos with a low cost. 

  • Become a cost cutting consultant

If you’re good with numbers or just logical thinking in general you can go to a business and ask them to review their bills for them. You can agree to receive a percentage of the costs you cut for them. 

You can do this for friends or family, local businesses or you can even sign up online and be part of a cost cutting consultant team. Here is an example:

This is a great way to make some side money because you don’t have to invest or risk anything other than your time.

  • Become a sales consultant

Similar to becoming a cost cutting consultant a sales consultant makes a percentage of all the sales he or she makes. The advantage to businesses that are struggling at the moment is that they don’t pay you a salary or any expenses, you only receive a percentage of the products you sell.

There are many businesses looking for sales consultants during these times as they have cut back on many costs, so start looking for interesting products that you think you could sell. 

There are tons of places to sell products online; one great example  is Hauldrop, where your products get good exposure with a unique upvoting system. 

Don’t think about it too long, find some products and start selling today.

  • Writing content 

With everyone stuck at home online content is being read more than ever. There are lots of opportunities to write content for businesses, and for good content people pay well.

To get started on writing content you can either reach out to businesses you know or join a freelancer platform where they find the customers for you.

 An example of this is Link-Able where it is free to join. 

The amount you can earn is totally dependant on your writing and link building skills, so this is definitely a great opportunity to earn some good side hustle money. 

  • Offer your skills online

There are many platforms these days to make some money if you have a skill in something. It could be any service that people can such as from videos, writing, and even music. Any skill that you have you can sell it. 

The benefit of joining a platform like this is that you get much more exposure meaning more customers than you would if you went alone. 

A great example of a platform for this is Fiverr where you can start selling your skills without any costs. 

Here there are all types of people offering different services at different prices; making it the perfect place for amateurs and experts.