Chat agent’s working hours and sales in an online store

For a B2C business, the dynamics are totally different. If you are running an online store you need to take your customer chat support team to a very technical and advanced level. With an advanced and skilled support team, you will never by losing any customer at any time of the day. But the problem with online stores is that there are no specific time limits for the customers to come and buy your products. So they will not hesitate to ask any question in the middle of the night. At this point, you need to have someone who will cover up the customer and will make sure that the company makes the sale. For this purpose, the chat support staff needs to have well-defined working hours.

No member can be available for 24 hours or even can do a 15 hours shift. For a chat support staff to maintain the smooth flow of work in the company, the rotation of the shifts and the proper definition and allocation of the working hours are imperative.  

It is important to be available on chat for the customer when they visit the website (very often these are not the business hours). You can check when a customer visits your website for example in Google Analytics. You can use the help of outsourced agents to cover evenings and weekends.

However, if you don’t have a well-trained team who can handle all these things well, then you are in trouble. For this purpose, Proactive Chat Support Manifesto from the .BespokeChat Academy will be your ultimate resort. With the well-trained staff, the B2C business can turn their fortune around. In B2C businesses around 45-50% of chats happen after 5 pm (mo-fr) or during the weekends. So, you need to have a team that will be active during these times as well. However, the training of the team is necessary for each and every condition.

Online stores make most of their sales at night or at the weekends. With proper training from Proactive Chat Support Manifesto, the chat staff can generate more sales leads as they will be able to communicate with the customers in a better way. They can research and answer all the questions and the queries of the customers. With better handling, the sales are bound to increase and the store will reach its sales goals.   

Proactive Chat Support Manifesto offers a number of trainings that will help the chat support staff to communicate in a more effective and friendly manner with the clients while keeping the professional constraints in sight as well. The aim is to convince the client to buy the product and resolve all his queries related to the product. These are achieved by better communication; better research and better answering that will convince the customer to buy the product.

Online stores need the agents that are proactive and can generate as many conversations as possible. With the training from Proactive Chat Support Manifesto, you can set proactive greetings (as they can make as many as 80% of your started chats).

The conversations have to be formal yet friendly to allow the customer to be more comfortable while asking anything related to the product. You don’t have to be rigid and straightforward while answering. A bit of a col headedness will be bright in the agents to train them to handle the clients well. We all are bound to make mistakes but with Proactive Chat Support Manifesto, the chat support staff will not make the most common mistakes that all make. As a human, the agent will go to the customer and will make sure that he does not have any doubts about what he is opting to buy.

An agent has to be available all the time for the customer. For a B2C business to succeed, the support staff has to be active and effective all day. .BespokeChat created Proactive Live Chat Manifesto and free course so you get to know all good practices. By setting the office hours for the agents, the company can easily get the best out of them. They will work with full devotion and commitment. The Proactive Chat Support Manifesto is only a small milestone in the bigger cause of the company. If you are looking to hire people who can handle your chat support. Make sure that they are well trained. For people who are already working for you, make sure that they are well trained and if they do not then get them trained by opting for the free courses such as .BespokeChat Academy. There are no barriers and no age that limit the learning process. Make sure that you have support staff that learns from every customer that they interact in a positive manner.