Getting Value out of Non-Buying Prospects

I had a real laugh back when I was in still studying for my Psychology degree and a fellow student and friend joked about the “Industrial Psychology” module entailing the counselling of buildings! It was indeed a pretty dumb joke, but then again some of the funniest of them are indeed the dumbest!

So anyway, little did I know that scoring high marks in Industrial Psych would lead to a very interesting and exciting period in the career-ladder I’m still climbing, to this day. For a brief period I worked with the marketing team of one of the better Internet Marketing experts you’ll find anywhere, because this guy (whom I cannot mention) went as far as roping in the services of a psychologist to help come up with solid sales tactics and techniques his Internet Marketing students would benefit from learning.

While he’s indifferent about me possibly mentioning him by name, what he is happy for me to share are some valuable lessons learned around a specific area of consumer psychology, which is that of how people who are in sales can gain value out of every prospect, even those prospects who don’t go on to complete any purchase. This is possibly what separates the successful Internet Marketers from those who are essentially duped into buying some kind of training course that does nothing to help their own careers in Internet Marketing and Sales.

Focus on real people

The first pointer is that of encouraging the focus on real people with the targeting of one’s marketing campaigns. It won’t help you one bit buying visitors to your landing page for $5 on Fiverr. Similarly, it won’t help you using the services of a proxy server traffic redirection service to bump up the number of hits on your landing page or any other content that forms part of your sales funnel.

What you have to do instead is focus on real people, even if you don’t immediately target those people with your sales offer or any other call-to-action you may have.

Value extraction

Look, what it comes down to is the realisation that people can’t and shouldn’t be laser-targeted based on a specific niche in isolation. People who buy from Orange County CBD don’t live exclusively off of CBD products, do they? They have other interests in their lives.

Similarly, if what you thought was a potential buying prospect doesn’t go on to complete the purchase of your sales offer or complete the call-to-action, in order to extract value out of them you’d have to give them some value to come away with.

The best value you can give anyone without spending anything beyond its initial creation is through some information they can really put to good use. For instance, there’s a link between somebody who likes to travel internationally and the legalities around crossing international borders with CBD products, isn’t there? The guy who comes away with this information from a CBD retailer may not themselves be looking to make a purchase, but the value they got from that retailer in the form of useful information will have that retailer’s brand name lingering in their mind, accounting for the possibility of a word-of-mouth referral of someone who is indeed looking to complete a purchase.