How Can You Avoid the Top Instagram Scams?

Instagram is one of the most widely-used social media accounts on the internet, and unfortunately, not all of those users are completely safe. Some of them may be straight-up scammers, trying their best to get your money. If you want to stay safe on Instagram, you need to know how to avoid these scams. Here are five tips that will keep you from falling victim to one of the top Instagram scams.

1. Don’t Send Money to Strangers Online

This is the simplest and easiest way to make sure you don’t lose your money outright. If you haven’t met someone in person, don’t send them money. This will keep your money safe from all sorts of scams, including romance scams, sponsorship scams, and more. If someone’s asking you for money and you’ve never met them, assume that you’re being scammed.

2. Always Check Who’s Actually Sending You Messages

It’s very common to use phishing scams to get someone to send sensitive information. For example, while the @netflix account is owned by Netflix the company, someone might get the handle @n3tflix and pretend to be Netflix to try and scam people out of Netflix logins, bank account information, and more. Visit the person’s actual account before you talk to them.

3. Don’t Give out Certain Types of Information to Anyone

Certain pieces of information, like your Social Security Number or bank account information, should be completely private. There’s no good reason someone else would need it, even a sponsor or someone who’s hosting a giveaway. If anyone on Instagram asks for these pieces of information, even if they seem legitimate, it should be a gigantic red flag.

4. Don’t Front Money for Work or Giveaways

Work-from-home and giveaway scams often ask you to make a “small payment” up front before you receive your offer. However, this is almost always a scam. While some giveaways may require payment for things like tax, these giveaways will make that clear in their terms and conditions. If your giveaway didn’t, walk away once you’re asked for a payment.

5. Check Any Monetary Decisions You’re Making With Someone Else

One of the best ways you can avoid being scammed is by checking your decisions with someone else before you do them. If you’re becoming an influencer and a sponsor asks to sponsor you for a specific amount of money, for example, ask someone else if it sounds like a good deal or if it sounds like you’re being ripped off. It’s possible for multiple people to be fooled, but this will definitely at least help.


The best way to avoid Instagram scams is by being aware that scams can happen. These five tips will help you avoid some of the most common Instagram scams out there, but it’s always good to be cautious even if you think you’re completely scam-proof. Remember, scams can happen to anyone, and you’re not immune. Keep your eyes and ears open to avoid issues with Instagram scams as a whole.