How To Improve The User Experience On Your Website

With all the many design concepts, dropdown menus and calls to action, when it comes down to it, a website can be judged by one thing, the User Experience or UX, as it is so fondly known in the industry. The experience the user has when browsing on your website can determine how long they stay, and whether or not they order, and with that in mind, here are some productive tips on how to boost the UX on your site.

  • Correct Use of White Space – While some people might think that white space would be better filled with a graphic or advertising banner, the right balance of this bright feature can really do wonders for a page. A white background makes it very easy to read text, and also helps the reader to focus on surrounding objects. According to research, a white background on dark text boosts reader interest by as much as 20%, and it is also a bright shade which can bring some much needed light onto the digital platform. Again, it is all about creating the right balance, and a little white at the top, centre, and bottom of the page usually works well. If, for example, your business is located in the north of England, there is affordable web development Manchester experts are offering. You can even work with one of the market leaders in both web design and digital marketing.
  • Page Loading Speeds – If pages on your site load slowly, this is a big turn off for the user, and this can easily happen if you have lots of hi-res images and video to load, which is why you should always reduce image sizes and use PNG format, which is small but gives clarity, even for small images. It might be that your web hosting package is inadequate, and if you have a web developer in your corner, this would never happen as they would ensure that your bandwidth is more than adequate for the type of content you are displaying. By ensuring fast page loading times, you are going a long way to giving the user a much better overall experience.
  • Noticeable Calls to Action – These are critical if you want the user to navigate their way to a purchase, and by consulting with the experts, you will reap the many benefits of having a web developer to handle every aspect of the site design and build. The right calls to action in the right places will encourage the user to continue with the purchasing process, thus enhancing the user experience.
  • Rapid Impact – According to the latest research, a user will spend on average, 8 seconds when looking at a new site, and this means you must grab their attention immediately which can be helped by the right colours and graphic design. The homepage should say something and with the help of a web developer, your homepage will generate further interest, and with smooth navigation and clear and concise links, the user will be likely to continue the purchasing process right through to the final click.

One simply cannot take a chance with site design and content, and by enlisting a professional web design company, they will look at your digital platform from the user’s perspective, and with a little work here and there, the UX will be greatly improved and this will be reflected in the following month’s sales figures.