How to Make Custom Packaging Work for You

We devote a lot of attention around here to service-based companies, but figured it was well past time to provide product suppliers some love too. Here are five strategies to make sure that your brand gets detected and gets attention!

  1. Custom Shipping Boxes

Boxes have a variety of logo printing choices from simple logo placement to finish design on all sides

Few things are more exciting than once that long-awaited Amazon package arrives on your doorstep with its distinguishing”smiling” A-Z emblem. Ever thought about how you could find that kind of high-end service for your own products?

Custom Boxes Today can make it happen. From simple 2-color designs on routine cardboard to more premium-grade printing across the whole box, you may give your package a look that’s unmistakable. The best part is you can completely customize the look online and get a quote immediately — no waiting.

For even greater number and wholesale discounts, check out The Custom Boxes, they supply the capacity to search for your ideal branded box by design and include specialty designs such as die-cut boxes, windowed and display boxes, food, decorative and wine boxes and much more.

  1. Custom Shipping Bags

If you’d like somewhat more sophistication for your goods, look no further than Bags and Bows. From simple product bags to high-end fabric bags and gourmet bags, you can ship your product in style. Many of their products are eco-friendly as well.

For when you need something a bit simpler, take a look at Plus Packaging. They supply security packaging, poly foam bags, and poly mailer packing. Custom runs have a minimum of 10,000 pieces where regular non-branded versions have a 3,000 piece minimum.

  1. Shipping Peanuts

Biodegradable packing peanuts made with wheat starch

Speaking of eco-friendly, it’s difficult to beat the ingenuity of biodegradable shipping peanuts. Fully nontoxic and static resistant, packaging peanuts from U-Haul are sustainable and safe around children and pets.

Made with corn starch, these peanuts are intended to stack up to even the roughest traditional polystyrene opponents, providing improved cushioning against piling and impacts. What’s more, they dissolve immediately in water without harming your plumbing and may also be used to make compost.

Are you currently brandable? Not exactly. But today, customers are more eco-conscious than ever, and employing this type of product on your transport indicates that you’re working hard to reduce your company’s carbon footprint too.

  1. Customized Shipping Tape

Shipping tape does not have to be exactly the same, dull clear or brown. U-Line produces some excellent options for sealing and kraft (box) tape with your manufacturer’s colors and logo. The differences mainly lie in the type of substance utilized for the tape and also dictate how they can be printed, and what colors are available.

For smaller businesses, however, U-Line could be prohibitively costly. An alternative for custom transport tape comes from Seton. Here, you can customize the color (choose from 7 unique choices ), choose size and text, insert your logo and variety of rolls, and find an instant estimate so that you’ll know the precise cost in only a couple of minutes.

  1. Monthly Mailer Boxes

You’ve no doubt heard of (or maybe even signed for) among these monthly subscription boxes. Everything from cosmetics to dog treats can be hand-picked and shipped straight to you each month for a small charge. If you have ever thought about how to begin your own style of monthly mailer service, Salazar Packaging has your answer. Top fold boxes with dividers are one of the most popular”subscription box” choices, and interior dividers can be customized depending on your merchandise.

How Much Do Custom Shipping Things Cost?

The price is dependent upon the degree of customization, the size of the box/carton, the amount you desire and the colours involved. Some sites will have a bulk ordering choice, but some concentrate on smaller, more personalized printing runs that give you full control over the procedure. In many cases, these businesses are extremely flexible in the kinds of formats and artwork that they take, and almost anything may include your logo. Some sites permit you to simply enter the size of your ideal box, together with logo and coloring options, to observe a direct cost and place an order.

Packing to Protect

We’ve all heard horror stories (or perhaps been victims ) of bad delivery and handling practices. The fact isthe obligation lies with you, the vendor, to protect your package from as much misuse and mishandling as you can. For instance, a number of sellers place their thing inside the box and pour shipping peanuts or filler round it. This will not provide the kind of structural cushioning you’ll need, particularly for fragile items. Shaking the box to guarantee NO MOVEMENT is your best possible way to begin your product on its own shipping journey.

Structural integrity of your boxes is another key to remember. Bear in mind that your carrier will be putting boxes that can be up to double the weight and thickness of your own product, in addition to your box, so it has to be powerful from the beginning to handle the weight. Picking the proper size box and paying careful attention to the advantages when folding will ensure that every corner acts as a service for the inevitable weight dropped on top of it.(Visit Onlyreviews to get best packing material)

The Unboxing: Putting Your Branded Items to a Social Experience

Who’d think that something as straightforward as opening a bundle could turn into a social sharing encounter?

LootCrate encourages readers to share their own unboxing on social media

More importantly, their packaging encompasses everything a gamer will understand and be drawn to, from”hints for the perfect unboxing” (see below), to QR codes that, when scanned, take contributors to a special”members only” area with special videos. These things, together with hashtags, help spread the word regarding LootCrate in a way that is fun and interactive.

The nearer the next crate comes to shipping, the more the #LootCrate hashtag pops up on Twitter — and it is all an integral part of their advertising strategy. Many subscribers submit their unboxing reactions to LootCrate via video or photos, and LootCrate proudly displays them. By integrating these kinds of tips to your packaging strategy, you can also have your customers appreciate the thrill of this unboxing.

What if I Need More Help?

We realize that for many merchandise suppliers, ordinary shipping supplies may not fit the bill. You may have an unusually shaped product which needs something a little beyond what normal customization can deliver. What’s more, you may want more control over the standard process to ensure that your product can sustain a maximum shelf life and prevent tell-tale signs of tampering. For more involved issues such as these, you may choose to employ a packing engineer.

These professionals do more than just advise you on how best to package items. They also give management on quality control, RFID tags, recyclability, tamper-evident obstacles and much more. For technical items where only the finest will do, it pays to have these advisors on your team to ensure minimal losses while maximizing product longevity.

Share Your Packaging Experience!

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