Pay by mobile bingo

Thanks to modern technology, we have slowly moved away from cash and started using online payments much more frequently. To accommodate these changes, bingo sites have started introducing new payment methods for players to use. The most popular is the pay by mobile bingo payment method – learn how to deposit with your mobile phone.

Payment Methods 

Pay by mobile is a bingo payment method that allows players to make deposits or purchases on a bingo site, with the total being charged directly to their phone bill instead of their bank account. This payment method has many advantages for players as well as a few disadvantages. To be eligible for this payment method, players will have to be a member of one of the major phone networks and be either signed up to a contract or on a pay-as-you-go. 

Advantages of Pay by Mobile Bingo 

There are many advantages that come with using the pay by mobile bingo payment method. One big advantage is that it is an incredibly secure payment method to use, it is much safer as it doesn’t store as much vital information as other payment methods. There is no need to enter your card details as the payment is done through your phone bill. Consequently, it is much harder for hackers to steal your personal information. Another big advantage of pay by mobile bingo is the fact that it is incredibly fast, money can be deposited into your account in a matter of seconds because the payment method is incredibly efficient and simple to use. The final benefit that players will receive from this payment method is the lack of third-party fees, there is no extra cost to using this method. This means that players are free to use this payment method for no additional cost! 

Disadvantages of Pay by Mobile Bingo 

There are also several disadvantages that come with using this payment method, the first disadvantage is the fact that pay by mobile bingo has deposit limits which can be quite restricting on your play. While deposit limits are a wise idea, pay by mobile bingo uses deposit limits which are actually quite low. Usually, the daily limit is only around thirty pounds, with a ten-pound limit for each individual transaction. While this does well to discourage irresponsible gamblers, it is very constricting for players who simply enjoy betting with a high bankroll. Another disadvantage is that pay by mobile bingo doesn’t have a withdrawal method available. While players will still be able to withdraw their winnings, it won’t be with the pay by the mobile method. This can be frustrating as it means that players will have to set up another payment method in order to withdraw their funds, usually, this payment method will not be as fast and secure as the pay by the mobile method. 

Final Thoughts 

Pay by mobile is an incredibly popular payment method for good reason, it is fast, safe, and simple to use. Though there are a few things to be aware of, it sets strict deposit limits and withdrawals can be frustrating.