Use Branded Folded Handle Paper Bags to Boost Your Business

There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re ordering branded bags, including several handle types. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose paper shopping bags with folded handles.

Low Cost

Folded handle paper bags might provide a premium look and feel, but they certainly don’t command a premium price. It costs only a tiny bit more to have folded handles added to your paper bags, so they make a great option if your bags need handles but you don’t have a lot to spend.

Easy to Recycle

As the country has started to focus more on the eco-friendliness of packaging materials, paper bags have naturally enjoyed a little boost. They can be made sustainably using natural materials, and they can be easily recycled after people are done with them. Unfortunately, some handle styles can make paper bags much tougher to recycle. Folded handles do not come with this problem. They’re usually attached with eco-friendly glue, and they’re usually made of the same type of paper as the rest of the bag.

Added Comfort

Some handles tend to bunch up when the bags they are attached to are used to carry heavier items. When handles bunch up, they start digging into people’s palms – this is a common problem with single-use plastic bags. Folded handle bags don’t bunch up, so any weight is distributed evenly across the hands and fingers for added comfort. Providing more comfortable bags might seem like a small gesture, but it’s one your customers will appreciate.

Perfect for Printing

Folded handles can be attached inside the bag as well as outside, which is great when you’re branding your bags in any way. No handle will get in the way of your message. Additional, adding even a simple handle will mean customers aren’t forced to crumple up your bag at the top for purchase or carry them in one arm; when bags are carried like that, the main body is mostly obscured, so passers-by won’t be exposed to your bespoke design.