Using Photography in Website Design

In today’s world, everyone has a website from businesses to individuals. A website is your identity in the online world and plays a major role in your success. If you are running a business, then you need a well-designed and attractive website.

Such a website will help you get visitors who can be your potential customers. If you want to attract visitors, one of the key elements of website design to focus on is photography.

Quality photographs will always make your website stand out. It pulls in people and makes them continue to browse your website. If you want to use photography while designing your website, our guide will help you do it seamlessly.

Importance of photography in website design

A picture speaks louder than words. When you use a photograph, it speaks clearly and conveys a clear message. People prefer to see colorful and attractive images on a website. The reason is that a photo can trigger emotions in people. If you want your website to be successful then you need to get an emotional connection with people.

When you use photographs, you are bringing your product to life. You can tell more about your product through photos than by writing a detailed article on it. On social media, photographs are what grab eyeballs. If you want your posts to go viral on social media, then you need attractive photographs.

Most importantly, if you use good-quality photos your website will rank higher. Good photographs would enhance the quality of your website and allow users to get a great experience. This is why Google ranks such sites higher. You can look forward to getting more visitors to your website by using top-quality photos.

A Guide to using photography in website design

Now that you have understood the importance of photographs in website design, it is time to understand how to do it. The following are some guidelines that will help you use photography effectively in website design.

1. Choose the right photos

You can get photos from a free stock photos website online. It is also possible to use the photos you have taken or you can get photos from a professional photographer. Any of these options is fine provided you choose the photo wisely.

You don’t need to put a photo just for the sake of it. The photo must be meaningful and relevant to the webpage. It must look attractive and add value. Most importantly, the photo should help you convey a message to the website visitors.

Avoid using photographs of models if you are selling products or services. Try to use photos of real people. They can be your customers or your employees. Real photos would resonate with your visitors.

2. Use a background photo

A background image is helpful in enhancing the quality of your website. The background photo you use can make the difference between success and failure. It is probably one of the most important photos you choose for your website.

Choose the right photograph that is not just attractive but relevant to your website. The photo must be meaningful and related to your brand/product. Choose the website colors properly, so that the background photo blends well with the rest of the page.

3. Let your photos not slow down the website

A good quality photo can enhance your website. It can allow users to have a positive experience making them come back to your website for more. A challenge you will face is deciding the quality of the photo and how many photos to use. Using too many photos or photos of high quality can slow down your page.

This is an important consideration. Statistics say that if a page does not load within 3 seconds, your visitor will leave the page. It is a challenge to use good photos that load fast. Optimizing the photographs like using image compression can help you manage this well. You may also need to consider changing the server to speed up the loading of images.

4. Have a purpose in mind

Every photo you use must serve a purpose. Never make the mistake of putting a photo because it looks good. The photo must have a purpose. If you are having a product page, the photo should show your product. Ideally, it should highlight your product and its features.

People make the mistake of using photos of models. Remember, you are not promoting the model you are promoting your product. Let every photo you use help you in promoting your business.

Photography can elevate your website design to a whole other level. Use these tips and see the difference yourself.