Places for a Modern Holiday in Tbilisi: Bowling, Workshops, Clubs, Casinos, Recreation Complexes

Tbilisi is a very modern and youthful city, which has a lot to offer guests, from relaxation in baths to the best junket in Georgia.

Bowling lovers will be interested in bowling pins in places like Ballroom and Lebowski Bowl Club, whose cheerful atmosphere only contributes to a pleasant leisure. Those who can’t imagine their vacation without frantic speed will be happy to visit the Astra Park karting center, but for those who want to swim, having washed off the past day fatigue, it would be worth mentioning such a beautiful place as the Neptune sports complex. The S.K. Lucky climbing wall is another interesting place for active pastime, where visitors can learn mountain climbing in comfortable conditions. After that, you can conquer the Caucasus mountain peaks, we are talking about those that are available for the appropriate training level.

A great place for tourists who want to learn a lot of interesting things about the physics laws will be the Experimentorium Museum. The cultural center peculiarity in its atmosphere, as well as the fact that tourists expect exciting excursions. There are wonderful centers, where you can get useful skills. So, among the culinary studios that are highly recommended for visiting, first of all, it is worth highlighting the Caramel center with its unique atmosphere and color. Lessons are also available at the workshops of Georgian Flavors and Goodwill. You can learn how to make interesting crafts at Estia Studios, and enamel paintings at Enamel Room Center.

Dynamo Stadium is a great place for those who want to see the largest sports competitions held in the capital of Georgia, while the Cinema City will satisfy the moviegoers needs.

Game lovers will also not be left at a loss, since such excellent casinos as Shangri La works in Tbilisi. The Michael Boettcher’s Storm International unit (Darren Keane is the CEO) mentioned above boasts excellent design and a great game selection: roulette, slot machines and card games are available for guests. In addition to games, visitors will also be entertained by the shows organized here. And buyers of junket tours to Storm International, Darren Keane clarified, receive free accommodation, meals, drinks and excursions.

As for places where you can get extraordinary relaxation, in addition to the already mentioned old baths (“Abanotubani”, “Royal Bath”, “Sulfur bath No. 5”), it is worth paying attention to modern spa centers. Among them is the Health Massage Center complex, delighting all quality massage connoisseurs. The Anne Semonin Spa Salon will amaze tourists with its unsurpassed design – thanks to just one stylization, you can forget about all pressing problems. The Sam Raan Spa complex is also beautifully decorated, which will be an excellent option for those who want to spend time in the thermal zones. Gulo’s Thermal Spa is also interesting to visit, and those who wish to spend time with fitness procedures will appreciate the Oktopus gym.

One of the obligatory places to visit is the Tbilisi Zoo, which inhabitants are hippos, elephants, lions, lemurs, alpacas, ponies, kangaroos. They all receive proper care, due to which it is only a pleasure to look at them. The park itself is well designed, its route is conveniently built. In addition to a typical zoo, in the capital of Georgia you can find beautiful contact zoos, including Fauna Land and Zootopia. These are all great places to visit with your children, adults will also enjoy a pleasant experience. For those who are passionate about eco-tourism, it is worth mentioning a few more wonderful places for this pastime: Zhinvali reservoir, Legvtakhavi gorge and its waterfalls. These are all places that first-hand lovers of outdoor recreation are familiar with. As well as the beautiful in their picturesque Rike Park and the National Botanical Garden.

Do not forget about the night pastime, which pleases the city guests no less than the daily program. The city is full of dance clubs for those who want to have fun until late at night. Bassiani, Blow Bar, Heaven – these are just a few items. There are a lot of wine bars where you can taste the exquisite wine, which the country is so famous for. Among them are Bottle Shock and Tsangala’s Bar, as well as Old Cellar and Khareba. In addition, the locals are famous for their love to singing, and this could not but affect the karaoke bars number, including the USSR, Bamboo Lounge Bar and Karaoke Ponti. Tbilisi’s universal bars, where you can sit with friends in a pleasant environment, are also fascinating with the charming atmosphere: Carpe Diem, Cafe Gallery Club, as well as 41 Gradus and Backstage76. The last club often hosts music concerts from local artists.