Rejuvenating The Massage Industry: SEO to Boost Leads During Pandemic

Let’s face it, SEO agencies like The Physio Marketing face tons of challenges to skyrocket lead generation.

People who are highly accustomed to the digital world continue to become pickier and smarter each day. This is why digital marketers are always one step ahead of their prospects.

If you’re part of the massage industry, you should know how SEO can truly contribute to your massage business to boost leads even during this time of crisis.

SEO and Lead Generation

To make it clear, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and lead generation are two different things. SEO is the practice of refining your massage web pages to improve their ranking on search engine results. If you rank higher in search engine results, the higher chances users will click on your website which increases organic traffic and online visibility. On the other hand, lead generation focuses on increasing the number of potential clients or existing clients for your massage business.

This begs the question: How do SEO and lead generation work together to increase my clients?

SEO complements lead generation efforts. With an optimized website, it will show up in front of users who are searching for something related to your massage business. The more often you show up in front of users’ search results, the more customers find and engage in your business.

How Can SEO Leverage Leads During the Pandemic?

While the pandemic forces your massage business to find alternative ways to stay in the competitive marketplace, you should up your digital marketing.

To help you out, below are some ways you can utilize effectively with SEO to assist you spearhead lead generation efforts. Rejuvenate your massage business with SEO to boost leads even during the crisis by:

1.         Performing Keywords Search

Keywords searching is a vital element to steer SEO strategy and understand the interests of your target audience. Relevant keywords allow your pages to be recognized by search engine crawlers so you show up on the first page of search results.

Your keywords should appear in your titles and meta-description of each page on your site.

2.         Making Your Website Responsive

Pages that load slowly on desktops or mobile devices can negatively impact customer’s experience and site ranking which results in higher exit rates. See to it that your website has the proper speed and optimization for mobile devices as well.

3.         Updating Existing On-Page Content

If you want to get people to stay on your massage website, ensure they are provided with relevant, accessible, and engaging content. You just see to it that the language you use in your content is far ambiguous, at the same offer value to your readers.

4.         Creating Content Strategy

Another key for lead generation in your massage business with SEO is to create an ongoing content strategy that provides exceptional value to your audience. Gear up your team by making a content calendar where you can organize articles to write and schedule publishing regularly. A content strategy combined with keyword research makes a bigger difference in assisting SEO boost lead generation.

5.         Creating a Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO elements to improve your ranking and credibility to search engines. Backlinks are designed to link different websites to one another. However, you need to ensure that when you get to put backlinks in your site, it has to come from high authority and trustworthy sites. Creating a backlink strategy helps you make a positive impact on your web ranking.

(Credit: Torsten Dettlaff | Pexels)

6.         Using Email Marketing

Considered as one of the most effective lead generators is by utilizing email marketing. The key to winning leads through email marketing is to make a harder push on personalization, creativity, and look for acceptable approaches to reach your customers. On your massage website such as a Kitchener pain clinic, you can use email forms to update customers, design newsletters to make it more engaging, and segment your audience for a more convenient way of reaching them.

7.         Setting Up Google My Business Listing

It’s vital that your website should be found in local listings every time users search for your services. For instance, when users search for “physiotherapy in Mississauga”, you have to position yourself where users can see you.

To do this, register and set up Google My Business listing to appear on Google maps when users find local businesses. Don’t forget to update your contact information, store hours, and other significant details about your business.

8.         Promoting Customer Reviews

The last thing for you to increase leads with SEO is by promoting customer reviews and situating these excellent testimonials where your target audience can easily see them. Customer reviews or testimonials build credibility and trust among other potential customers before they schedule an appointment and become a lead.

Key Takeaways

In an oversaturated market, it is critical to create SEO lead generation strategies and campaigns to guarantee efforts are put into success and maximize prospects to boost leads and a great customer experience. These ways we have covered for you above should help you boost your lead generation with SEO and at the same time support the massage industry to rejuvenate during the pandemic.